Son of an arrested businessman enjoyed All Access in the National Palace

“Carlos Del Valle feels blessed in the National Palace,” says the Facebook post that ends with the hashtag #SeguimosTrabajando and the emoticon of a smiling little angel. In the photo, in a suit, with a folder under his arm, Del Valle poses in the central courtyard of the Palace, with the president’s car behind. It’s March 2019.

He is the son of Alejandro Del Valle, the businessman arrested last week at the Polanco Industrial Club. Both father and son enjoyed VIP treatment at the Palace, thanks to their political and business closeness with one of President López Obrador’s trusted men: his electoral and financial operator, Gabriel García Hernández.

Carlos Del Valle’s gallery on social networks is frankly wide: he appears with Gabriel García himself, with Mario Delgado and records several videos “reporting from the corridors of the National Palace”. The star publication is his photo with the president, both in suits and ties: “excellent meeting with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, thank you for your support!”

A walk through the social networks of the businessman Carlos Del Valle provides an interesting diagnosis of the relationships between him, his father (now detained) and the 4T. The Del Vallees went into the kitchen: there are photos from the time of the presidential campaign, inside the famous López Obrador campaign house, on the street of San Luis Potosí.

How did they achieve this all access? Through Gabriel García, for years, the man who handled López Obrador’s money and electoral operation. No more no less. García, much less known than a man of his strategic importance would deserve, had the right to doorknob with the president until last summer, after the electoral setback in Mexico City, the president fired him, sent him back to the Senate from which he had requested a license to be a high-level official and appointed another in his place.

During AMLO’s presidential campaign and in the three years that he was as Integral Coordinator of Integral Development Programs, head of the superdelegates and of the “servants of the nation”, Gabriel García Hernández led the Del Valle family by the hand, as we exposed it last week in these Reporter Stories: they started with a call center to attract voters and ended up involved in all kinds of businesses: the branches of the Banco del Bienestar, the ATMs, the Integration Centers, the development of a private bank, Radiopolis, Interjet … They grew at a speed only comparable to that of its crash.

What happened between them, García and AMLO, during three years of intense political and business relationship, deserves much more investigation. This is just a first picture… from Facebook.


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