Soledad Martínez participated in CPR training for Local Patrol

The Municipality of Vicente Lopez periodically conducts training for all Civil Defense, Local Patrol, Transit and SAME agents who carry out emergency tasks on public roads. On this occasion, the Civil Defense team trained agents of the municipal Patrol Command in CPR and the use of the AED (automatic external defibrillator).

The mayor of Vicente López, Soledad Martinez, accompanied by the Secretary of Security, Juan Jose Benitez, and the director of Civil Defense, Maximiliano Bravo, participated in the training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques for patrol officers, as part of the training for emergency care.

During the visit, the communal head of Vicente López expressed: “These are trainings that we do permanently to our entire Vicente López Local Patrol body, but also to the Civil Defense team and the medical team. A large part of the municipal agents have undergone these trainings, since we understand that they are essential for the work they carry out on a daily basis ”.

“This summer we will continue to take care of all those who visit the coastal walk. We want to give you the reassurance that in any emergency there are not only doctors who can respond, but also police patrols and that the Civil Defense team, which is a pride for Vicente López and one of the best in the province, is patrolling and circulating throughout the coastal walk“Added Soledad Martínez.

CPR and first aid trainings are held every year to reinforce knowledge and update new protocols. During 2021, 65 trainings were given to more than 1800 people. Thanks to this, the municipal agents are prepared to attend to any situation of “sudden death”, choking or seizure, to help the neighbor quickly, safely and professionally.

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