Smile | A Quebec circus show inspired by the work of Chaplin

MRUA International, an artistic projects organization from Quebec, announces the creation of Smile, a unique circus show inspired by the work, and more particularly the films, of Charlie Chaplin.

This is a great first, as the designers are the very first to obtain a license from the rights holders of Chaplin’s works to create, produce and run such a show around the world. The first performances of an international tour are expected in the fall of 2022.

“I have the great pleasure to announce that our companies Roy Export and Bubbles Inc SA have ceded to MRUA, and more particularly to Caroline Perron and Richard Aubé, the exclusive rights to create, produce and operate the international a circus show, ”said Wednesday morning at a press conference Kate Guyonvarch, director of the Chaplin office in Paris.

The latter was not in Quebec for the event, but spoke by video. She called the show project “very moving” and “extremely gems” at the same time.

In a press release, it is also indicated that the idea seduced the family of the famous actor. “Two years ago, I remember, I was absolutely blown away by the concept of your show and two years later, I’m still blown away. I hope that this show, like my father’s work, will be eternal, ”says Geraldine Chaplin in a recent video.

Richard Aubé, director, and Caroline Perron, co-founder of CIRQUE plus, are two designers from Quebec who have pooled their talents in this project supported by a new organization, MRUA (for uniformly accelerated rectilinear movement) which will be dedicated to production of international creations.

Inspired by the song Smile that Charlie Chaplin had composed for the finale of his film Modern times, the upcoming event is defined as an immersive show, both non-verbal and musical, in which two stage languages ​​will meet: pantomime and choreographed and acrobatic prowess. “

Very important to note, although the show draws heavily on the work of Chaplin, there will be no incarnation of the most famous of the wanderers on stage.

The project benefits from a grant from the Department of Canadian Heritage under the Creative Export Canada program.

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