Sitech Federation: "The start of classes is not guaranteed"

Sitech Federation assured that “before the exaggerated optimism in the announcement of the compliance of the fourth quarter of the trigger clause with drums and cymbals by the Government, it does not adjust to the reality of the pockets of teachers from Chaco.”

“We must bear in mind that this commitment was signed in 2019 and one year (the first of his new management, he did not fulfill it), it being pertinent to clarify that the trigger clause is not a salary increase mechanism, but to recompose the salary every three months according to the inflation pattern of those months”.

“The trigger clause maintains the state of affairs and its validity is fundamental in order not to lose against inflation, but once it is assured, the central discussion is to see how we recover purchasing power after having lost 80% of that power in recent years. 4 years, and that in 2021 only 12% was recovered, categorically denying a 90% recovery as the government says, trying to confuse the educational community, so the start of classes is not guaranteed at all “, determined from the sector.

On the other hand, they referred to the issue of the return of discounts for days of stoppages. “Sitech Federation has already stated that it will not consider it as an expired exercise (teachers self-financed the electoral tint recomposition granted last year), an issue that will be taken to the political commission as a condition (not the only one) for the start of classes. ”, they pointed out.

In the same way, the discussion on working conditions and the educational system is added. “As defined by our Ordinary Congress, the most democratic mechanism is the Educational Pedagogical Congress, provided by law, to debate central issues such as subsidies to private schools, the regulation of social management schools, special projects, among others, to overturn and recover resources for the public school”, they indicated.

The Educational Pedagogical Congress made it possible to deal democratically with the negotiation of postgraduate degrees, the title competition and the secondary and higher level contests, among other topics.

“We do not see where the governor’s optimism is based, if we take as a precedent what happened recently and which was denounced by this union, when the librarian sector (registered in a promotion contest) had their vacation leave interrupted in order to of not paying substitutes. It gives us a guideline that we are more on the verge of a conflict than at the beginning of classes without trauma”, they concluded.

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