Singer Leo García suffered a homophobic attack in General Rodríguez

The musician Leo García suffered a homophobic attack during the early hours of this Tuesday in the Buenos Aires town of General Rodríguez and showed his bleeding wounds through social networks where he said that he is not going to “blame anyone”, but assured that it happened “ for being homosexual ”. He also assured that he will comply with the concerts already agreed and said: “I have no more desire.”

“Look how they hit me, I don’t want to accuse anyone because it didn’t hurt, but they did this to me,” García said in a series of videos that he posted on his Instagram account.

“This is not makeup, this is how they left me in General Rodríguez, the place where I live,” added the singer who had blood lesions on his face.

“I spoke with a boy, I threw him a gay wave and when I threw him a gay wave they responded like that,” he explained in one of his videos and denounced that “homophobia in this country does not stop.”

“It cannot be that because I am homosexual I am mistreated so much,” he lamented.

The prosecutor’s unit number 9 opened an ex officio investigation upon learning through social networks of the physical aggression towards the musician.

Police personnel went to the singer’s home and managed to interview him through the building’s electric doorman.

However, García said that he will make the complaint during the day.

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