SilverStone releases M.2 SSD heatsink for use with PS5

It can be used with all M.2-2280 models compatible with the console

A SilverStone is a Chinese company that produces cases, power supplies and other peripherals for computers, its newest release is a heat sink to be used in SSDs M.2-2280 that fits neatly into the reserved storage expansion slot on the PlayStation 5, something that will be very useful now that the Sony released for users to install an SSD on the device, we even made a video here on Adrenaline showing the installation and testing of an SSD on the PS5.

The new model of SilverStone it’s the TP05 (SST-TP05B) and can be used on PS5 with any model of SSD M.2 2280, as long as it is compatible with the requirements of the Sony for it to work. It features an aluminum heatsink with a height of 5,6 mm, an aluminum bottom cover and two types of thermal pads, one with 1,75 mm thickness for the top of the SSD which brings a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W / mK and one at the bottom with thermal conductivity of 1.8 W / mK.

To be compatible with the PlayStation 5 a Sony requires a model that uses interface PCIe 4.0 x4 and recommends a sequential read speed of 5550 MB/s or higher so that performance is similar to that found on the console’s internal SSD. The primary heatsink cannot exceed 8mm and the secondary heatsink cannot be larger than 2.45mm,

A heatsink compatible with the slot of the PlayStation 5 allows the user to choose between any compatible model of SSD to use in the device, with the certainty that the heat will be efficiently dissipated during the game.

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Recently the Samsung announced a model of yours SSD 980 Pro prepared for the PlayStation 5 with a heatsink that allows installation with a perfect fit in the slot, over time it is expected that more companies will put models with heatsinks on the market already thinking about the compatibility with the console. We recently published a video with testing the use of the SSD with and without heatsink, you can check it out by clicking here.

Despite the novelty, the SilverStone has not yet announced what the price will be charged for the heatsink, nor when it will be available for sale.

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