Signs that indicate that you are living a healthy friendship relationship

If you want to know what a healthy friendship looks and feels like constructive, I invite you to read me. This time I will talk to you about some signs that will give you the reason to love that unconditional friend more or will open your eyes to get out of a toxic relationship.

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When we have a healthy friendship relationship, talking with a friend will be synonymous with honesty, since he will not always agree with you, this without caring that you get angry. This person will always seek your well-being, although when you are correct, he will surely agree with you as well.

He cares about you

The right friend is interested in you and your concerns, since they are always aware of how you have been, this when there is a friendship relationship healthy and long-lasting, it is not necessary to see or talk every day, as the occupations of daily life are demanding.

Understand that you have other occupations

With this section he continued that it is not necessary to talk to each other every day, you will not even have to worry about if he gets angry or upset by your absenceas work or study occupations are sometimes time consuming. Rest assured that if you are in a healthy relationship you will not have to explain yourself.

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They respect your limits

This person respects your limits in all aspects, that is why he will never force you to do anything that you are not fully convinced of and he will not take it the wrong way, since he knows that your decisions are important, that you think differently and that that does not mean that his friendship should be affected.

He won’t make plans to stand you up

A person who constantly leaves you standing is not someone who is worth it, since he does not value your time or the space that you are giving him, so he does not give you importance, That is why a healthy friendship relationship will be sincere and in case of canceling it will tell you well in advance.

They make you feel guilty for having other friends

Generally if you are in a toxic friendship, this person will claim you for going out with other friends, which is nothing more than envySince they do not like to see you happy or meet more people, a healthy friendship relationship will not bother them at all and it will even give you the opportunity to meet them too.

These are some signs that will tell you if you are in a healthy and constructive friendship relationship. It is very important to have someone to trust, to pass bitter moments, fun, but mainly that you always respect who you are and motivate you to grow, when you have found them they are beings of light in our life.

Signs that indicate that you are living a healthy friendship relationship. Photo: pexels

I hope and this little guide you liked as I did and if it is the case, run to embrace And tell him how much you love him, I at least already felt the desire to be with one of my favorite people, with whom we are going to celebrate seven beautiful years of friendship.

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