Sichel Accuses Provoste Has Had About 20 Meetings With Lobbyists In 2021

Chile’s presidential candidate Podemos Más, Sebastián Sichel, accused Yasna Provoste of holding hearings with lobbyists and José Antonio Kast reiterated that he has no investments in tax havens; while Gabriel Boric affirmed that the extreme right cannot be a government option.

After Monday’s debate, the presidential candidates came out to explain their interventions, as was the case with Sebastian Sichel, who assured that his rival, the senator Yasna Provoste, He has had meetings with 20 lobbyists during 2021 in the exercise of his position.

The allegations of lobbying were repeated between Provoste and Sichel, this time around liquefied gas.

The flag-bearer of Chile Podemos Más defended himself again by ensuring that he did not participate in lobby meetings and accused Provoste of maintaining this 2021, about 20 citations in his capacity as senator.

In New Social Pact, Senator Yasna Provoste insisted on criticism, but this time she focused on making a difference with Gabriel Boric. One of the main ones, in terms of migration.

This is due to the criticism for the similarities shown with the I Approve Dignity program.

The leader of the PRO, Marco Enríquez-Ominami, affirmed that the candidacies of Provoste and Boric are the same proposal and assured that the deputy for Magallanes would not be able to face the standard-bearers of the ruling party.

The candidate of Approve Dignity, Gabriel Boric, insisted on his willingness to find convergence in the opposition programs and said that the extreme right cannot be the Government’s alternative.

The candidate of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, assured that he has no investments in tax havens, despite the documentation presented in different media.

In 10 days the television electoral strip will begin and the National Television Council raffled the order of appearance of the candidacies. Eduardo Artes will open and Yasna Provoste will close. The space will begin on October 22 and will run until November 18.

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