Siamese separation surgery will last more than 12 hours at Exequiel González Cortés Hospital

This Wednesday, more than 60 health professionals will participate in the surgery of more than 12 hours to which two Siamese sisters will undergo at the Exequiel González Cortés Hospital in the Metropolitan region.

This Wednesday, a total of 64 health officials will carry out the operation of separation of the twins Diana and Dieveline one year and one month at the Exequiel González Cortés Hospital in the Metropolitan region.

Since the day the Siamese “DiDi” were born, they have remained hospitalized in the care facility, awaiting this day. One of the surgeons who will participate in the operation emphasized that “they are the most smiling there isYou come in and they give you a smile, they are always happy, they have an incredible time with each other, they play games, they get upset, the truth is that the “DiDi” have been a contribution of joy to this hospital “, according to 24 hours.

The parents of the little ones, Ivline and Jenifer; Those who are Haitian citizens residing in Chile for 2 and 4 years commented that “in the first ultrasound they told me ‘there are two’ and there I was very happy, I always asked God to give me two“, They pointed out, since there was a history of twins in their family.

When the “DiDi” were born, the doctors confirmed that it was a case of conjoined twins, and that were joined at the pelvis. “I have the hope that they will separate them,” added the parents.

Regarding the condition, the surgeon indicated that: “They are mirrored and inverted, it is as if you were looking at yourself in a mirror but you turned on yourself. The two vertebral columns do not touch, they are totally individual and the pelvises are also separated ”.

The surgery will have a minimum duration of 12 hours, and according to the doctors, the preparations showed that they have “a 99% certain that we have all the information necessary for the operation ”.

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