Shuffle and give again, the slogan post Step in Peronism

Far from surprising them, in Perotti camp they expected similar numbers. “We did things well, we spoke to the electorate about what we should speak about, what we are doing as a government in coordination with the national government,” said a member of the governor’s team.

And he added: “We did not take it as an intern, but as an election that was going to order our list, as our boss said. They were very virulent, people were not looking for that ”.

In the governor’s bunker they assure the celebration measured at the headquarters of Central Córdoba was due to the social climate – “you cannot celebrate like crazy if people are having a bad time”, they slip – and not to the panorama that the Paso showed.

Sunday night was bittersweet for the head of the Gray House: he ratified his leadership in Santa Fe’s Peronism in a high-risk bet, but the sum of the four lists of Together for Change obtained 167 thousand more votes than the two lists of the Frente de Todos: 662,344 votes against 494,576. Peronism won in only five of the 19 departments of the province: Rosario, San Lorenzo, Garay, San Javier and Vera. In the rest, the alliance between the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition won.

Among the winners in the internal PJ interpret that a new scenario opens for November 14. “Shuffling and giving again is another instance,” Lewandowski told The capital.

That is also the slogan in Peronism, Yesterday, the heads of the list of Celeste and Blanca and La Santa Fe que Queremos, Roberto Mirabella and Eduardo Toniolli, spoke by phone and agreed to work together for the generals.

“Whenever we lose an intern, we accompany, and much more in this, where we play a lot nationally,” said the Rosario councilor and a reference for the Evita Movement.

Listen to the electorate

The candidates for the Senate will be Lewandowski and María de los Angeles Sacnun, but the list for Deputies will be made up of members from both spaces. If there are no changes in the final scrutiny, as the number of votes on Mirabella’s list doubles that of Toniolli, the Celeste and Blanca list will put the first and second names on the ballot and La Santa Fe Que Queremos the third.

With the data analysis still incomplete, in the Peronist laboratory they have not yet defined the strategy to try to turn the game around. “We have to wait for the foam to go down, it is too early for definitions,” said Lewandowski.


If the results are upheld in the final scrutiny, Roberto Mirabella, Magalí Mastaler and Eduardo Toniolli will occupy the first three places on the list of deputies of the Frente de Todos

In the corridors of the Gray House point out that now is the time to “listen to the electorate, pay attention to what they are saying”, and they assure that “Perottism was never dogmatic.”

In the two months until the general elections, they will try to show management and speak with all segments of the electorate, regardless of the fact that there are opposition groups that never vote for Peronism. Although they look carefully at possible migrations from Juntos por el Cambio al Frente Progresista – for example, radical voters from Pullaro and Corral who do not feel content with Carolina Losada’s proposal – in Peronism they are aware that today the most likely scenario is that JxC takes five seats for Deputies (as in 2017) and the two seats of the Senate of the majority.

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