Shots against the front, one wounded and threatening poster: “For tomorrow I want the house unoccupied”

Again shots and poster. Now, in Pasco at 7800. Photo: Twitter of @JoseljuarezJOSE.

Almost on the edge of this Tuesday, there was another new attack for extortion purposes in Rosario. The shots rang out in the Pasco block at 7800, with a target on the front of a house and a sign that was now classic in the city asking to leave a house: “For tomorrow I want the house unoccupied …”, reads the handwritten sign left in the place , where you are asked to call a phone number and close with a repeated signature: “The mafia.”

The attack, around 11:45 p.m., left a 25-year-old wounded when he was hit by a projectile in the left leg. The boy, who was inside the shot house, was referred to the San Martín Polyclinic and his life is out of danger.

“For tomorrow I want the house vacant. Call this number… No more notice ”, is the full text of the poster left next to the front shot. As in several previous cases with similar characteristics, the generic signature is “La mafia”.

In the case, staff from the police station 21 acted at first.out.

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