She took care of him when he was a boy and now she thanked him by taking him on a trip and buying him a house

In times of greed, unscrupulousness and ungratefulness anywhere, some gestures suddenly appear that indicate that there are still people who think of others, such as a case that took place in Uganda several years ago and is still in the best way today.

The story has as its protagonist Honorable Henry, who lost his father in 1996 during childhood, and because of how busy his mother was, a man named Wilson Dhabangi He visited him every Sunday in a school orphanage in the town of Namalemba. Since then they have created a very special bond that they maintain to this day.

“One day that man decided to come visit me. We were not related. The first Sunday he visited me became the beginning of many more visits that lasted for three years”, Henry recalled.

“This man visited me every Sunday while the school was open. There are more than 100 Sundays between 1997 and 1999. I do not remember any Sunday that he did not come to visit me. It did not matter if it was raining or not … if he was sick or well . He came to visit me by bicycle “, added.

The caregiver fulfilled the dream of flying by plane (Twitter).

“The distance between our house and the school was about three hours by bicycle. It was a bumpy road with many sewers and broken bridges. When it rained a lot, the running water sometimes overflowed the sewer, washing away the stones and dirt. thus, Dhabangi found a way to cross the water and come visit me “, said the young man.

“For years, I have always felt a debt in my heart for the love this man gave me. I wanted to surprise him. For the last year, I have been saving money to make it happen.” added.

The dream: fly by plane

Among so many conversations, Henry noticed that Wilson mentioned the idea of ​​flying by plane very often, as if it were a frustrated dream. “He told me that if I worked hard and listened to the teachers, I would fly in airplanes and travel to different places. He said that if he was successful, even people like him who never received an education might get a chance to fly. For some reason, he always emphasized the theme of flying. “Henry specified in his text.

Now that Henry is a grown-up, he met up with Wilson and Rebecca, a friend of his mother who also helped him, to give them a beautiful surprise. Without telling them where they were going, he took them on a plane ride from Entebbe to Nairobi. “I finally broke the news to him. Wilson cried and my heart sank ”, Henry detailed in Facebook. Uganda Airlines flight UR202 was flown on September 12.

Wilson was so excited about flying for the first time in his life, and he never tired of asking questions. “I have been on airplanes for some time, but I have not felt as happy as today”, Henry expressed in the post.

Henry is so grateful to Wilson that he wants to do more for him, and for that he set out to finish building his house. To achieve this, it is receiving donations with the help of Uganda Airlines.

“To all Wilson and Rebecca in this world, thank you for lending us a hand, believing in us, and giving us unconditional love. God bless you”, Henry concluded in his message.

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