She challenged her nephew for taking drugs and the young man accused her: she ended up shot by her sister and her brother-in-law

A woman it was shot at presumably for his sister and his brother-in-law in a family argument occurred in the Villa Elvira neighborhood of At payment, and the victim remained hospitalized although out of danger, police sources reported today.

The incident occurred in the last hours of yesterday in a house located at the intersection of 99th and 121st streets, when the victim found his nephew, to whom he was giving accommodation, consuming drugs, for which he reprimanded him, and the boy, a minor, immediately went to tell his parents what had happened.

According to police spokesmen, at two hours, the father of the minor entered the house, where brutally attacked to the owner of the house, shouting “Don’t mess with my family”, after which the man he shot his sister-in-law two shots and one of the projectiles hit one of his hands.

Then he entered the wife of the assailant and sister of the victim, and he hit four more shots, of which one hit her in the leg, for which the woman had to be referred urgently to the Health Center No. 33, where she underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

Upon learning of the incidents, agents from the 16th police station. de La Plata went in search of the accused, and the individual, nicknamed “el Pepo”, they caught him at his address on 4th and 609th streets, while his couple They arrested her when she was driving with two of her children on 122nd and 600th streets.

The two alleged aggressors were imprisoned in a case in which they were charged with the crime of “attempted murder” and which was in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 3 of the La Plata Judicial Department.

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