Sexy and relaxed: Annaby Pozo shows off her figure posing in a bikini

Sensual and relaxed was seen Annaby Well this weekend on his social networks, where he shared some fiery images with his followers.

Lying on a deck chair, dressed in a red bikini and a gray hat, Randy Malcom’s fiancée once again showed off her spectacular figure.

Well does not need much to show her attractive feminine attributes and this has been demonstrated with these two photos, where she looks divine without the need to resort to complicated poses or too many accessories.

According to the information that accompanied his post, the chosen garment belongs to the Vincija swim swimwear brand which, according to their networks, are “sustainable and ethically handmade in Australia” pieces.

Their followers, it did not take long to fill the publication with compliments, likes and icons of hearts.

This summer, Pozo, mother of two children, one of them with the member of Gente de Zona, Randy Malcom, has left more than one fiery posing in a bikini.

With her clear smile and from a dreamy beach setting, she again showed her best angles and undeniable beauty last August.

It is not the first time that the young Cuban businesswoman conquers in the networks with the looks which you choose. A few weeks ago, she, along with La Dura and Mily Alemán put the most seductive note on Miami nights, with outfits that left no doubt why they are three of the celebrities Cuban women most followed on social networks and beauty icons that inspire many to follow their routines and care.

For that date Annaby opted for a brown dress with openings on the sides that exposed her wasp waist, while La Dura opted for one of her favorite colors, pink, and a dress that accentuated her Cuban woman’s curves; Mily Alemán, was not far behind and wore a tight green dress.

In her social networks Annaby Pozo shares not only her bets on looks or chosen costumes but also adorable family moments, where your two children are authentic and well-deserved protagonists.

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