Seven journalists, two former soccer players and a cook: this is how the Rosario Council would look in December

After the elections this Sunday, the three main electoral fronts began to adjust the numbers and define the places that the dance candidates will occupy in the final lists that will go to the polls on November 14.

Thus, with an eye on the 13 seats that must be renewed in the Vasallo Palace, the ruling party of Mayor Pablo Javkin, the winner at the local level, the Frente de Todos y Juntos por el Cambio return to the vote count and name by name.

The front

The internal of the Progressive Front, and with the triumph of the list of Ciro Seisas, promoted by Javkin, gains more spaces.

Specifically, the top positions on the definitive list of the ruling front would be made up, according to the provisional scrutiny, by Seisas followed by Nadia Amalevi (from the radical sector of María Eugenia Schmuck), Verónica Irizar (from the majority sector of Socialism), Mariano Roca ( From Creo, Javkin’s party, and very close to the mayor) and in fifth place would appear another socialist, Miguel Cappiello.

If the results, broadly speaking, are repeated in the general elections, the Progressive Front would be left with 4 seats.


The inmates of Peronism also aroused everyone’s interest since the lists were written down. The contest was crossed by the provincial dispute between Omar Perotti and Agustín Rossi.

Taking into account the results of the provisional scrutiny, which delivered a comfortable triumph from the list headed by the television host Lisandro Cavatorta (promoted by Perotti), the list of councilors for Peronism in Rosario would be made up, in the first places, by himself Cavatorta, Julia Irigoitía, Norma López, Juan Manuel Constantini and María Eugenia Guzmán.

According to the numbers of the Paso, the Peronism would also remain with 4 seats.

The third force

Together for Change, the third most voted front, had Ana Laura Martínez as the great winner with almost 40 percent of the total votes obtained, who will be the one who will head the list along with its number two, the radical Martín Rosúa, something that by midnight on Sunday was already defined.

The third place will go to Carlos Cardozo, who garnered 17.22 percent of the total votes of the local macrismo. And in fourth place, respecting the pairs by gender parity, whoever was third on Martínez’s list, Soledad Ruiz de Galarreta, will go.

The fifth place with the numbers for Monday afternoon would go to Agapito Blanco, who is looking to renew his bench.

With that official list, the local macrismo will dispute six of its nine seats and what some operators already have clear is that with Sunday’s results only three seats could be defended.

The rest

Meanwhile, with the good choice they made, Juan Monteverde, for Ciudad Futura, would also enter the Council in December; and the former sports journalist Miguel Tessandori, for the Better space.

How will it be

In short, and always clarifying that there is not an abrupt change in trend in the general elections, the political blocs would be formed as follows from December:

Progressive Front (9): Ciro Seisas, Nadia Amalevi, Verónica Irirzar, Mariano Roca, Susana Rueda, María Eugenia Schmuck, Mónica Ferrero, Fabrizio Fiatti and Aldo Pedro Poy.

In Front of All (7): Lisandro Cavatorta, Julia Irigoitia, Norma López, Juan Manuel Constantini, Eduardo Toniolli (who has a chance to enter the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation and, if so, should be replaced), Marina Magnani and Fernanda Gigliani.

Together for Change (6): Ana Martínez, Carlos Cardozo, Martín Rosúa, Daniela León, Alejandro Roselló and Marcelo Megna.

Future City (4): Caren Tepp, Pedro Salinas, Juan Monteverde and María Luz Ferradas.

Unite (1): Ariel Cozzoni.

Best (1): Miguel Tessandori.

Meanwhile, they would not renew their place in the Municipal Council: Agapito Blanco, Germana Figueroa Casas, Renata Ghilotti, Roy López Molina (JxC), Jesica Pellegrini (CF), Andrés Giménez and María Alejandra Gómez Sáenz (PJ) and Lorena Carbajal and Lisandro Zeno (FPCyS).

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