Setback for the Peronist lineages of Maipú and San Rafael

Later, the announcement materialized in irrefutable data, with 97% of the tables already scrutinized. In the commune directed by Matías Stevanato, in the category of national senators, Cambia Mendoza won with 40.89% Meanwhile he Frente de Todos only got 28.16%. That difference was minimally reduced in the category of national deputies, where the local official front obtained 40.76% and the PJ 28.44%, despite the fact that Adolfo Bermejo, Peronist leader of the lineage that ruled that commune for more than 20 years, topped the ballot in that category.


But, not only Bermejo should take charge of that defeat, the Maipucino justicialism did not yield the strategy of showing the management of the mayor Stevanato, which was also demonstrated in the result of the list of his councilors where the Peronist list was raised with 29.32%, well below the 42.65% of Cambia Mendoza.

Nor did it yield that Alejandro “El Pulga” Bermejo was a candidate for provincial senator.

A coup that generated noise in the South


Another of the The defeats that the Frente de Todos suffered the most was the one that occurred in San Rafael, a commune that the Felix brothers have governed since 2003, which makes it land with historical Peronist supremacy, since Omar Félix was mayor from that year until 2011, when he took the reins of that commune, his brother Emir, who won those elections and did it again in 2015 and 2019.

There, even though this time Omar Félix led the ballot as a candidate for provincial deputy in that fourth district electoral, Change Mendoza, with more than 99% of the tables scrutinized, also was imposed on provincial deputies with 39.76% of the votes, and although the difference is less than what occurred in the province, because the Frente de Todos achieved 33.91%This electoral performance was not what they expected in local Peronism.

So much so, that after 9:00 p.m., the San Rafael Peronism refused to accept that defeat, and claimed that they won by a few points, but that happened when they compared their only list with the official list of Cambia Mendoza and did not count the votes they got. in those lands the list of Cambia Ya, which obviously had to be added to the total of what the provincial government front obtained.

Just to cite one example, in the category of councilors, a list that obviously militated with the figure of mayor Emir Félix, the Cambia Mendoza front divided its votes as follows: Together for Mendoza (Governor Rodolfo Suarez’s ballot) accumulated 31,509 votes, that of Cambia Already had 4,473 and that of Party Dignity, whose political leader is Fernando Armagnague, achieved 2,241. That sum was imposed then over the 32,772 votes of the PJ.

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