Serious complaint by Edwin Cardona: identity theft and scams

Edwin cardona signed his contract and became Racing’s third booster. After arriving in Argentina and stamping the signature, the Colombian tested positive for Covid-19 after learning that it is close contact and is isolated at home. This Wednesday, the talented midfielder made a serious complaint through social networks.

The ex-Boca He posted a message on his Instagram account saying that there are “one or some people” that they are impersonating your name and signature with a forged passport, in addition to ensuring that there are people who pretends to be your representative and they speak your name. Furthermore, it revealed that there are fake accounts posing as him and “They ask for money for me and my children”.

The complaint of Edwin Cardona, reinforcement of Racing, for identity theft

We have learned from the media and through messages that have been sent to us what there is one or more people impersonating my name and signing with a false passport. Also several representatives / intermediaries ensuring that they represent me. As is public knowledge, my only employer throughout my career has been Lucas Jaramillo from Alinea Sports Management And it is the only person who can speak for me.

We regret these events and hope that the authorities can follow up on these people who tarnish my name AND damage my process in all the clubs and countries where it is having access. Already done the corresponding complaint in Colombia, which is where the investigations have shown where the person who impersonates me is located, and the cities where they receive the money that people send believing that it is me. I kindly appreciate that Check well the profiles of those who speak and, above all, the voices that pretend to be me. When they call they never turn on the camera, for a reason. Logically because it is not me. They ask for money for me and my children supposedly. Please do not be fooled, my only accounts on Facebook and Instagram are @ e.cardona10 which are also verified.

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