Serie A rights, no agreements with the Middle East: “Incongruous offers”

According to reports from Football & Finance, the Football Association is still looking for a new television partner for the so-called MENA area after the termination of the agreement with beIN Sports. In recent weeks, Luigi De Siervo had given the green light to begin negotiations with the broadcasters concerned, but through a press release, Serie A announced that: “for the Mena Area have been withheld the offers are not adequate received so far “.

Luigi De Servant

After the farewell from beIN Sports, another Arab broadcaster had come forward; however, after initially offering 60 million euros, a figure deemed unsuitable by federal leaders, has slipped away from the negotiation, leaving the situation in a stalemate.

In the same note, the Football Association announced that it will continue to broadcast: “only in these areas and in free mode on your channel YouTube, the matches of the Serie A TIM and the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa, with commentary in Arabic by the IBC of Lissone. Furthermore, Lega Serie A will increase the distribution of content on this channel, already the most viewed in the world among football leagues with almost 8 million subscribers.“.

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