Sergio Mayer was hospitalized and could lose his hearing; they report it serious, but stable

According to the hosts of the Hoy Program, as well as the journalist Ana María Alvarado, the former Deputy of Brunette, Sergio Mayer He was hospitalized, they report it serious, but stable and could lose hearing in one ear, since 90% of it is damaged, they say.

The news was released through the morning of Televisa, where Sergio Mayer was invited today to talk about the controversies in which the actor and member of Only for women, on his case with actor Héctor Parra, who recently denounced him for alleged influence peddling.

However, the actor from The Perfect Dictatorship He did not appear, nor did he communicate to cancel, so Arath de la Torre and Andrea Legarreta were in charge of explaining that, everything seems to indicate that he is hospitalized, because since last Friday that the production invited him he already had problems with one ear .

“We said that Sergio Mayer was coming, but we have just learned that it is very likely that Sergio Mayer is hospitalized. We do not know, but he has not answered the phone. His hearing was bad, ”said Arath de la Torre.

For his part, Andrea Legarreta added that since Friday they knew that he had an ear disease, but he never canceled his invitation, although he assured that from early Monday they were dialing his cell phone and never answered.

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This caused great concern among the drivers because, according to Raúl Araiza, who has known him for years, Sergio Mayer is a very punctual person, and if he were well, he would have appeared in the forum early to fulfill his commitment.

“He is a very punctual person, he is someone who would be here from the first hour. Let’s hope he’s okay, ”said Norma Herrera’s son.

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In fact, on various instagram accounts, it was speculated that there were even suspicions that the former Deputy and 55-year-old actor, husband of Find Camil, may have tried to poison him, which damaged 90% of his left ear, which was not confirmed.

For her part, journalist Ana María Alvarado, through Maxine Woodside’s radio program, confirmed that Sergio Mayer He was hospitalized in an emergency last Friday due to a hearing loss, which could cause him to lose total hearing in his left ear.

He also explained that the ear problem was caused by food poisoning he ate. For now, Sergio Mayer He was transferred to another hospital in Mexico City to attend to his case, although, for the moment, neither his family or team have confirmed this news, nor have they issued any official statement regarding his health.

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