Sergio Mayer hospitalized for poisoning

After Sergio Mayer agreed with the Hoy program an interview to talk about the legal process he faces in the case of Héctor Parra, the former deputy was absent after being hospitalized.

The morning drivers handled the information as presumed hospitalization, but later it was confirmed through social networks that the actor is also delicate but stable.

“On Friday, when the production made him the invitation, he commented that he was facing a virus that had damaged his hearing. So he is, apparently, in a hospital. We are awaiting more information,” said Andrea Legarreta, believing that he was It was a virus, however, it is presumed that Sergio Mayer could have been poisoned.

It was the General Director of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic, Carlos Salomón, who confirmed the information to the national journalist Karla Iberia Sánchez.

“Carlos Salomón confirms that Sergio Mayer, former President of the Committee on Culture in Deputies, is delicate but stable,” Iberia wrote on Twitter.

Through the Instagram of the American program Despierta América a photograph was disseminated in which he is affected, but in the same report the presence of the COVID-19 virus and therefore the possibility that he is intubated was ruled out.

It was also confirmed by means of communication with national circulation that Sergio Mayer has been in treatment since Friday in search of his improvement. Meanwhile, his relatives have not commented on the matter.

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