Sergio Massa called for “discussing” in Congress a new Rent Law

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, called for a “discussion” in Congress of a new rental law that provides “certainty” to the owner and “guarantees and peace of mind” to the tenant, by noting that the norm sanctioned in 2020.

“In the previous government, Congress passed, not in bad faith but looking for a solution to a problem, a law that failed, and that sought to insure tenants and owners and ended up reducing the offer, reducing the possibility of developing the business and generating uncertainty and difficulties for the tenant ”, reviewed Massa, in reference to the norm promoted during the macrismo.

When participating in the act for Construction Day in the Confitería del Molino building, the head of the Lower House considered it necessary to “discuss a new rental law that gives certainty to the owner and guarantee and peace of mind to the tenant so that the sector he can freely develop that noble undertaking that he has throughout the country ”.

The rental law was approved by the Senate in June 2020, but had received the endorsement of the Chamber of Deputies in November of the previous year, during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

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