Sergio Berni exploded for the rapid release of detainees

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Release of prisoners: Sergio Berni was dissatisfied with the measure

The head of Security referred to the suspects who have already been arrested for the crime of the adolescent: “One of them was arrested on July 24 for qualified robbery due to the use of weapons. Do you know when he was released? In less than four days. “

When referring to Another of the detainees commented that he had been arrested on May 26 for stealing a bicycle. Furthermore, Sergio Berni pointed out that the criminals had the “intention to kill”, since the victim did not show resistance.

“From what I have spoken with a witness, there was not even a resistance, it was almost like an intention to kill. Killing to kill,” he said.

Berni said that “it begins by stealing something minor, a cell phone, a bicycle and sometimes it ends with an unfortunate death, totally unjustified”. “So it seems to me that in Argentina sometime we have to discuss what to do with these people. Whoever goes out with a gun to the streets goes out ready to kill, then it can’t be that whoever goes out ready to kill is detained in the police station for four days. and leave as if nothing had happened, “he said.

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Insecurity in Buenos Aires: one of those arrested for the murder of Cancino.

Insecurity in Buenos Aires: one of those arrested for the murder of Cancino.

At the end, Sergio Berni said that “security is a problem of culture, education, social restraint, it is a problem that has to do with the resocialization of detainees, the vast majority of crimes are by people who reoffend.” “This is the chronicle of an announced death, until we do not have a very clear definition of these things, we will always be stuck in the same place,” he said.

The crime of Cancino occurred this Wednesday around 7:50 when he was leaving his house on his way to school and he was attacked by a man who stabbed him for the alleged purpose of stealing his belongings, including his bicycle, and he died of the injuries sustained.

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