September came with new shows to watch at home

The Córdoba Culture Agency proposes new shows. Look at the whole grid that arrives at the beginning of a new month.

Saturday 11

At 16. Identities. Emilio Caraffa Museum –Av. Poet Lugones 411
Susana Pérez will carry out the performance action Identidades in which she portrays the public present in the museum. This work in progress is part of the work that the photographer has been doing since 2017 and that began at the Dionisi Palace Museum. He is currently part of the exhibition SURFIANDO EN LAVA_cuna of Dto6. General admission 250 pesos.

At 17. Visit to Encartonarte Workshop
Encartonarte develops objects in corrugated cardboard, under the fundamental premise of sustainability and good design. With the constant challenge of achieving the alchemy of corrugated cardboard, from the simple and ordinary, to the complex and exquisite. With socio-environmental commitment and design, they seek originality in the creation of light objects. They are not just lamps, they are objects of light. The incorporation of light as matter, its appropriation of the object, make the alchemy of a cardboard object, common and in a certain ordinary way, into an incandescent jewel.
IG: @encartonarte
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At 20. Mini recital of Estación 67 (Sampacho)
Estación 67 is a group formed in October 2012 in Sampacho. His musical genre presents versatility in the repertoire based on modern and contemporary folklore. The group has the purpose of covering events (social, institutional, sporting, etc.) that vary from night shows to festivals. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube and

Sunday 12

At 17. Visit to the Workshop of Mariana Weissbein (Los Reartes)
Mariana Weissbein invites you to visit Modo felt, her Workshop-School. It is here where, from the fleece or wool top kneaded with soap and water, exclusive and warm designs are created dedicated to a public that loves and knows the properties of natural fibers and artisanal processes. Accessories, slippers, purses, coats, rugs, footboards, tapestries and an innumerable amount of garments for personal use and decoration that can be purchased in your showroom and nets. Mariana also offers face-to-face and online courses for people from all over the world.
FB: Modo Fieltro by Mariana Weissbein.
IG: Mariana Weissbein.

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At 20. Mini recital of Maxi Bressanini
Maxi Bressanini is a singer, bassist, author and composer born in the city of Córdoba, known for his sensitive and emotional interpretations with his voice. Since 2002 it is part of Presents Trio and is currently producing his first solo work consisting of songs of his own. After the death of his father and the birth of his son, Maxi Bressanini decides to pay tribute to the transformation, when greening, to the cycles of life; deeply traversed by the landscape that is fundamental in his songs and his worldview. From San Clemente in the mountains of Córdoba, with his own songs and poems, he offers this mini recital.
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