September 18 is coming: El Canelo’s full schedule for the festivities

Río Gallegos has a strong Chilean migratory culture. Hundreds of neighbors are natives of the trans-Andean country or have relatives in the sister country. This is why the celebration of September 18 is also lived in the capital of Santa Cruz and The cinnamon, the renowned nightclub linked to Chilean culture, already has its programming ready. Among the invited artists are the renowned and already historic Los Rivales del Sur, who over the years have garnered a significant following. Among the activities that are planned –ranging from September 16 to Sunday 19 of the current month – there is the gastronomic question, with the traditional apple empanadas, milcaos or the hot pichanga.

September 18 is celebrated because on that same date, in 1810, the First National Government Board was created, a fact that gave way to a process of independence for Chile.

For this reason, the month of September is known as the month of Chile.

In the midst of the festivities, fondas and ramadas are held, where various Chilean traditions can be found, such as dances, food and typical games.

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