Senator Ossandón, 48 years after the Military Coup: “One of the most serious issues that exist are the disappeared detainees”

The Senator of RN, Manuel José Ossandón, referred this Saturday morning to the 48 years of the Military Coup that ended the government of Salvador Allende giving way to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, noting that “one of the most serious issues that exist is the disappeared detainees“.

In this regard, the senator added that “I believe that one of the most serious issues that exist is the disappeared detainees. when a family goes through whatever it is, does not mourn or has an uncertainty about what a relative has gone through, that wound is sustained for generations, and there is no mea culpa from either the left or the right, there are few mea culpa, but we must move forward ”.

Ossandón also made a reflection indicating that “Each one is part of their history, of what they have lived, of what has happened, that we build a country based on positive emotions and not on anger or hatred., that is the reflection that I always do ”.

On this subject he pointed out that “the real solution is to know what happened so that there is a healing in the soul because when one does not forgive it is like walking with a stone to the drag, but it is also difficult to forgive and heal when one does not know the truth, when he is uncertain, when he has not made a duel that is so important, one has to fight hard to recover the truth ”.

Presidential candidacies

Meanwhile, when asked about current politics and the presidential candidates, the Parliamentarian assured that his candidate to reach La Moneda is Sebastián Sichel, adding that Gabriel Boric he lacks experience to govern.

“Boric has no campaign to show that he has the experience to be president. That Boric has not taken the title has nothing, what it does is that he has to demonstrate with a much more innovative campaign, focused on his ability and not in these silly fights that are personalized, “he said.

Finally, the senator said that “all scenarios are possible and if we have at least José Antonio Kast on the right campaigning with a lot of money, he can leave Sebastián Sichel out of the second round. I am going to work for Sichel until the end, I am not going to do a futuristic action because I believe that today he is the most qualified to be president (…) But if you ask me if Sichel did not exist, of course I stay a thousand times with Yasna Provoste than with Gabriel Boric ”, he pointed out.

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