Selena Quintanilla outshone Marilyn Monroe with the same white dress

The singer world famous Selena Quintanilla returns to flood social networks posing majestic in a white dress, so Internet users even exclaim that it overshadowed by much Marilyn Monroe.

And it is that his most faithful followers of the interpreter of Como la flor and Amor prohibited still carry the composer American who lost his life in 1997, for this reason some Photographs unpublished by Selena Quintanilla.

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The one recognized as the queen of tex-mex, who also sang ranchera, ballads, mariachi, Latin pop and Mexican cumbia, was much loved in life and even after her death her fans have sought all possible means to find more memories of her idol Selena Quintanilla.

This is how some images come to light where the one born in Lake Jackson, Texas, United States boasts her incomparable beauty, in a cute white dress, with a V-neckline and tied to her neck, a tight corset adjusts her waist and at the bottom of Selena Quintanilla a large wide A-shaped skirt.

Very similar to the white dress that made the woman even more famous. actress, American model and singer Marilyn Monroe, who stood out in the fifties and sixties in the cinema and who was the most praised of her time.

However, years later the woman who would overshadow her and Marilyn Monroe would come without knowing it, because the sister of Suzette Quintanilla and Abraham Quintanilla III posed with a very similar dress, only that Selena gave her the touch Romantic with a mega bow of the same color.

Selena Quintanilla outshone Marilyn Monroe with the same white dress. Photo: Instagram

With a very popular hairstyle in Selena Quintanilla, the low ponytail shows off even more the white bow that undoubtedly highlights even more the beauty of Chris Pérez’s wife, also realizes that to stand out you do not need more than the attitude.

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Well, the businesswoman and fashion designer She does not wear accessories such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets, she does not even wear makeup as ornate as was the fashion at that time, she only highlights her lips with a very cute pink tone and a big smile from Selena Quintanilla is her greatest natural accessory.

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Why did Selena Quintanilla lose her life

About to turn 24 years old, Selena Quintanilla, 23, who perhaps paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe with her elegant white dress, lost her life because of a shot that his own friend and administrator gave him in the back Yolanda saldivar, because they had discovered him stealing from the artist, a fact that shocked everyone.

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