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Our daily life has been revolving around our electronic devices for a few years. From our smartphones to our headphones, including our headphones, our computers, our game consoles and other connected devices, it is difficult to part with a charger or an external battery, as our routine is attached to it. On the occasion of Black Friday, the Ugreen brand displays tempting promotions, for high quality products with a reduced carbon footprint.

high quality products

Consume less, but consume smart, this is the trend adopted by a host of technophiles around the world. Global warming is in full swing as pollution continues to rise. Faced with this observation, some have decided to change their consumption method to limit their carbon footprint. To help technophiles charge their devices, the Ugreen brand has been dedicated since 2012 to the creation of high quality digital accessories.

With 40 million users in more than 100 countries, Ugreen stands out thanks to its diversified range of products, ranging from charging devices, from phone and computer accessories to home and car accessories. Products designed to be more sustainable and more ecological, so that the user can find their way in terms of price, carbon footprint and performance.

With Black Friday, Ugreen brand products are subject to tempting promotions, offers to find right here.

chargeurs USB-C

GaN chargeur USB-C 100W 4 Ports :

Ugreen’s 100W 4-port USB-C charger is a nugget with the majority of fast charging protocols available. So, no matter the big manufacturer behind your device, this charger will be able to provide it with a fast and optimal charge.

Behind this feat hides a major technology: GaN chips. Capable of operating at higher voltage while wasting less energy, GaN chips from Navitas provide a perfect experience for the user, who just has to enjoy the show. Ugreen is also knocking on the manufacturer’s door for their GaN power IC, an integrated circuit that runs 20 times faster than traditional silicon chips while increasing power and charging speed to three times their value.

Best of all, the size and weight are halved. Space and weight savings that can be felt on the charger, which is smaller and lighter than an Apple 96W power adapter, for example. Perfect for transport, this 100 W charger has 4 ports, including 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port. Smartphone, game console, MacBook Pro or Air, touch pads, charge your devices whenever you want, quickly and easily.

With Black Friday, Ugreen’s 100W 4-port USB-C charger is € 56.98 instead of € 75.99 (November 25-29).

Chargeur USB-C 30W Power Delivery :

Another flagship charger of the brand, the 30W USB-C charger with Power Delivery and Quick Charge technology from UGREEN is capable of wonders. Compatible with MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S21 and S20, S10 and S10 +, S9 and S9 + as well as Redmi Note 10 Pro and Note 9 Pro, this compact and lightweight charger takes up very little space in your pocket or bag. A perfect charger for transport that will accompany you everywhere.

Well i thought, this charger is equipped with a chip that will protect your devices against short circuits, overvoltages, overheating or even overcurrents, by making sure you and your device are protected at all times. Best of all, its flame retardant ABS housing offers high temperature resistance as well as better heat dissipation.

The 30W Power Delivery USB-C charger is € 16.99 instead of € 19.99 (November 29 to December 5).

Hub 6 and 1

6-in-1 hub with USB-C and 4K HDMI ports:

This 6 in 1 hub has a 4K HDMI port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader and a Micro SD port.

Compatible with all devices on the market, as long as they are not close to being obsolete, this hub offers an HMDI port that supports 4K (2160p) at 30Hz or Full HD (1080P) at 60Hz resolution, 3 USB 3.0 ports supporting the speed of 5 Gbps maximum and SD and Micro SD cards up to 1 TB.

A hub displayed at € 24.64 instead of € 29.99 (from November 22 to 28).

External case for external hard drive Gen 2 SATA SSD HDD 2.5 inch in USB 3.1:

Designed for external hard drives with a thickness of 7 mm to 9.5 mm SATA III / II / I up to 6 TB, this case allows a maximum transfer speed of 6 Gbps, even faster than a case Traditional USB 3.0. Compatible with Windows, Mac, PlayStation and routers, this case is extremely easy to use since you only need to insert a hard drive by simply opening the cover.

A USB 3.1 box displayed at a price of € 16.14 instead of € 18.99 (from November 22 to 28).

External case for external hard drive Gen 2 SATA SSD HDD 2.5 inch in USB 3.0:

If a USB 3.1 box is not yet useful to you, you might as well turn to its predecessor, a 3.0 box. Equipped with the same qualities but at a reduced price, this case should therefore delight you even more according to your needs. An enclosure for 2.5 inch SATA, SSD and HDD hard drives, capable of a maximum transfer speed of 5 Gbps and compatible with UASP transfer protocol.

A USB 3.0 box displayed at a price of € 13.59 instead of € 15.99 (from November 29 to December 5).

USB 3.0 to Ethernet RJ45 adapter:

An adapter tailored for you, compatible with Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 and 11, MacOS, Macbook Pro Air, Switch, Mi Box S / Mi Box 3, without mandatory driver. Capable of supporting a bandwidth of 1000 Mbps via its USB 3.0 bus, this adapter has an LED clearly showing you the operating status (blue when it lights up, yellow when it works without problem).

A USB 3.0 to RJ45 Ethernet adapter at € 15.29 instead of € 17.99 (from November 29 to December 5).

USB-C to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet adapter:

With its stable wired connection and wide compatibility, this USB-C to RJ45 Ethernet adapter is a delicacy for techies running MacOS, iOS, Windows 11/10 / 8.1 or 8, and many more. With its anodized aluminum shell, it is more solid while offering more efficient heat dissipation. As for its cousin the USB 3.0 to Ethernet RJ45 adapter, it has a two-color LED. Again, count a maximum speed of up to 1000 Mbps.

A USB-C to RJ45 Ethernet adapter at € 15.29 instead of € 17.99 (from November 22 to 28).

Câble HDMI 8K 60Hz :

As the product title suggests, this HDMI cable is capable of displaying 8K at 60Hz. A High Speed ​​HDMI 2.1 cable compatible with HDR and ARC and also backward compatible with previous versions of HDMI. Connect your various devices to it, whether it’s a MacBook, a game console, a computer, a multimedia box or even a television and a computer screen.

An 8K 60 Hz HDMI cable at € 11.15 instead of € 13.99 (from November 25 to 29).

Un dongle Bluetooth USB 5.0 :

So enjoy barrier-free transmission at a distance of up to 20 meters. Once plugged in, your dongle can be used for multiple devices, such as PS5, PS4 and Xbox One controllers as well as headsets, speakers, keyboards, mice, and even printers.

A USB 5.0 Bluetooth dongle displayed at € 11.15 instead of € 13.99 (from November 22 to 28).

And if you want to find all the products of the UGREEN brand, it’s simple, it’s right there.

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