Seine et Marne. Some snowflakes for the weekend

The first snowflakes are announced from November 27, 2021 according to Météo-France for Seine-et-Marne (© Archives / Julien Bouteiller – Lille Actu)

Announced on Thursday and Friday November 25 and 26, snowflakes may well appear in the sky of Seine et Marne during the weekend of November 27, 2021.

Indeed, the services of Meteo France forecast a few snow showers, sometimes accompanied by rain, in different sectors of the department.

Not more than 4 ° C

Thus, on the morning of November 27, snowflakes are expected in the vicinity of Nangis, Tournan-en-Brie, Coulommiers or even de la Ferté-Gaucher.

Precipitation could continue over the same areas until early afternoon.

On Sunday November 28, rainy weather will await you. A few flakes are still expected early in the morning at La Ferté-Gaucher.

As for temperatures, expect not to have more than 4 ° C during this weekend!

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