See God of War 3 running in 8K with ray tracing and mods enabled

This is practically a remaster of the original PC game.

Also last Tuesday (11) MaxiHancer published a video on its YouTube channel showing God of War 3 running through the RPCS3 emulator in 8K resolution and with different mods of Reshade, ray tracing and global illumination enhancements. The result is practically a God of War 3 remastered for PC.

We can see that the video already starts with several direct comparisons between the original version of the game and the 8K version with all mods activated. The difference in quality is quite evident, especially in the definition of the protagonist Kratos.

It is worth noting that the game is not being run on a PlayStation, but by the PlayStation 3 emulator for PC (RPCS3) that has evolved a lot in the last year. The system used in this demonstration has a GeForce RTX 3090 and an Intel Core i7-8700K, plus 16GB of RAM.

To create this “remaster” of God of War 3 on the emulator, MaxiHancer had to go through some game modification steps. The first of these is clearly to increase the game’s resolution drastically, in this case to 8K (7680×4320 pixels). Then used mods add Ray Traced Reflections and better Global Illumination.

It is interesting to point out that one of the applied reshades was the Pascal Glicher’s Screen Space Ray Tracing Global Illumination (aka Marty McFly) will be able to be used in any game starting with GeForce Experience soon.

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God of War on PC required several tweaks to make ultrawide mode work
The enlarged screen aspect required Sony to create new animations and fix hundreds of bugs

We can’t help but comment on the timing of this news, which comments on a “remaster of God of War 3 for PC a day before the launch of the latest game in the franchise (God of War – 2018) for the same platform on Steam and Epic Games The game also comes with some PC specific technologies like DLSS and FSR and more.

Here at Adrenaline we already had the chance to test God of War for PC and we published a complete video showing the quality of the game on PCs of different levels, in addition to analyzing the implementation of different PC technologies in the game. You can also read the full article here.


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