Second accident of the day on the Torreón – San Pedro highway

Three hours later, again, the Torreón – San Pedro highway was the scene of a car accident, when a rollover occurred that left a woman injured near the Villas del Renacimiento neighborhood.

It happened around 11:45 in the morning at the height of the Libramiento Norte Laguna bridge.

The vehicle involved is a white Dodge Attitude, with license plates from the state of Coahuila, which was driven by 25-year-old Luis Obed.

The first reports indicated that the unit was moving in the direction of Torreón, when a truck, of which no characteristics were provided, blocked its way and caused the driver to lose control.

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Paramedics from the Red Cross and from a private company treated a woman who was traveling in the passenger seat, identified as Rebeca, 52 years old.

She had multiple blows and injuries to her body, for which she was transferred to a hospital. The intervention of the Firefighters was also required, since there was a spill of liquid on the asphalt tape.

Elements of the National Guard, Municipal Police, State Police and Traffic and Roads, provided support in the emergency.

Finally, the vehicle was removed from the scene and sent to a corral in the city for safekeeping.

The driver of the vehicle was presented to the competent authority, due to the injuries of his companion.

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