Season 3 starts on Netflix

Series poster for the series After Life (c) Netflix

The third, but also last season of Dramedy After Life with Ricky Gervais goes online today on Netflix internationally. Will his character Tony get over the recent blows of fate?

This Friday, January 14th, the third and final season of Dramedy After Life celebrates its worldwide premiere on Netflix.

The tagline on the relay poster reads: “Every end is a new beginning“And gives hope that Tony Johnson (Ricky Gervais) could start a new chapter in his life after all the blows of fate.

At the end of the second “After Life“-Season, Tony suffered another loss following the death of his wife, which he has to deal with in six of the series’ closing episodes. His demented father Ray (David Bradley) died, whose last wish apparently was to have his ashes scattered in very specific places …

Gervais also stays on “After Life“Also in business with Netflix. Several new comedy projects are already in the works, with the next stop being a more sitcom-like series.

Finally, here is the trailer for the new season of the series “After Life“At Netflix:

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