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The movie was directed by Wes Craven and starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox and several renowned actors who started their film careers.

And just as reality is stranger than fiction, it is said that the screenwriter Kevin Williamson was based on a real-life case to build the profile and actions of the psychopath ‘Ghostface’.

The source of his inspiration would be the serial killer Danny Rolling, also known as ‘The Gainsville Ripper’, who killed five Florida students in 1990.

The abuses of which Rolling was a victim gave rise to the young man developing “antisocial disorder, a borderline personality disorder, in addition to sexual paraphilias and voyeurism”.

Danny Rolling became a serial killer. Most of them committed femicides.

He tried to lead a ‘normal’ life by attending church and marrying O’Mather Halko, with whom he had a daughter.

The aforementioned media ensures that Rolling, after having divorced, began his criminal career: from small thefts to larger and more violent robberies that landed him in jail.

He also came to spy on women in public places and, even, the data indicates that he raped a lady who “he looked like his ex-wife”, although he was not charged for this.

It is said that he ‘opened’ as he murdered in 1989 when he entered a house in Shreveport and attacked the family that lived in it: the father, 55, his daughter, 24, and the grandson, eight.

The woman, identified as Julie Grissom, had been stabbed. She was found in a “strange position” and had tape and vinegar residue on her body, according to the Argentine television channel “America 24.”

His father also denounced him for attempted murder. It was at this point that he decided to flee to Gainesville.

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In August 1990, University of Florida students Christina Powell and Sonja Larson rented an apartment at Williamsburg Apartments off campus.

In the morning hours of the 24th of that month, the young women, aged 17 and 18 respectively, suffered a lurid death at the hands of the murderer.

Powell was reportedly found on the first floor of the apartment. She had been raped, stabbed and mutilated.

The body of Larson, his partner, was found on the second floor with cuts on his arms and torso. She was lying on the bed, with her feet on the floor and her hair “combed like a fan on the bed”, as reported by ‘A24’.

Danny Rolling

They were the students killed by Danny Rolling in Gainesville. These memoirs were dedicated to him in the University newspaper.

The woman was identified as Christa Hoyt, an aspiring police officer and employee of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

The last two victims were Tracey Paules and Manuel Taboada. Both shared an apartment and began their studies, she in law and he in architecture.

The aforementioned media indicates that Paules was found, like previous victims, with traces of tape on her wrists and mouth, signs of rape and soap on her body.

All the women were placed in strange positions. According to authorities, the killer arranged his victims in “provocative sexual positions.”

They also identified the ‘modus operandi’ of the criminal. He entered the victims’ homes at dawn, played music at full volume, stole his victims’ underwear, parts of their bodies and showered before fleeing. The man had a knife of about ten or fifteen centimeters, according to ‘A24’.

The same media indicates that, although there were several suspects, the police found Danny Harold Rolling when they found a recording in the forest in which the man mentioned his own name and said “to have taken the wrong path”. The blood samples matched.

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Then, in an interrogation in which he asked that his fellow prisoner, Bobby Lewis, also attend, he confessed to the authorities the same details.

He assured that he returned to the scene of Christa Hoyt’s crime because “forgot your wallet”, and decided to behead her.

He also commented that Tracy Paules had locked herself in a room while he was fighting and murdering his partner. Then, he broke down the door, abused her and killed her.

He also stated that he hadvarious personalities”, including a good one he called ‘Ynnad’, and another called ‘Gemini’ who, according to him, perpetrated the murders. The authorities did not believe him.

The ‘Gainsville Ripper’ was executed by lethal injection on October 25, 2006, after being sentenced to death for his crimes.

Who will be more ruthless? ‘Ghostface’ or the ‘Gainsville Ripper’?


‘Ghostface’, the villain from the horror movie ‘Scream’.

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