Scream 5 could break US box office records

With a start that should be hot in the United States, the franchise Scream could return to success with its fifth opus.

For many franchise fans, this Scream 5 (whose name is Scream because if the Halloween of 2018 did it, why not us?) was a meeting not to be missed. The master of horror Wes Craven (responsible for the four previous opus) having disappeared in 2015, the film would be the way to pay homage to him and to relaunch the saga, stopped in 2011 with Scream 4.

It is difficult to know if the public was really interested in the idea of ​​a return, but the first opinions being rather very complimentary (even if our review is more mixed), this Scream 5 was likely to attract his old fans and new curious ones. And now that the audience has shown they are ready to go to the movies with Spider-Man : No Way Home despite the pandemic, the feature film has much to hope for a fate similar to a few horror films of 2021 (such as the pretty hits of Halloween Kills and Without a sound 2).

“Killing is not cool man!”

And apparently the American public should be there. According to IndieWire, the film’s US start-up is expected to be between $ 35 million and $ 40 million in revenue, either the best score of the franchise if it were to be confirmed, Scream 3 holding the best startup so far with 34.7 million. Especially since this fifth opus will benefit from a boost thanks to a public holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King.

Scheduled to arrive on January 14 in the United States, the fifth installment of the franchise Scream is the biggest horror film to land since Halloween Kills. It marks the return of the iconic characters of the series, Signey Prescott (Neve Campbell), Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), aided by a handful of young souls from Woodsboro. Who says new faces probably means new Ghostface, and once again, you will have the opportunity to play a gigantic game of Cluedo.

Scream : photo, Jenna Ortega

“Hello, I’m calling about your professional training account …”

Whether the start of the fifth opus is 35, 40, or even 30 million would be a positive signal. Scream 4 observed the franchise’s worst start (and worst box office), with $ 18.7 million in its debut weekend. And the prospect of the pandemic and the difficult return to theaters of a mature audience was to be feared, although recent horror films have managed to find their breath in theaters (Halloween Kills, candy man).

In France, Scream has been in (very) dark theaters since January 12.

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