Schools: it smacks of the future that may …

We officially met yesterday with Dr Luc Boileau. Flanked by François Legault, Christian Dubé and Jean-François Roberge (he still exists?), The new hope of public health has come to announce the end of the curfew and the return to class on Monday.

Joy and worries

The PM started strong by repeating several times that we saw the light at the end of the tunnel (seems to me that I have already heard that) and that the Dr Boileau had assured him that “it is safe, the air in the schools”. Oh yes ?

I wonder what the health care staff and the people who work IN THE SCHOOLS thought of this press briefing which could be described as very optimistic under the circumstances.

It is true that a quick decision had to be taken concerning distance schooling, which is irreconcilable with the professional life of several parents, me the first. Except that I find it unfortunate that we are under the impression that we have to choose between psychological health and physical health.

And even if, in terms of communications, we try to lessen our fears by declaring that Omicron is a bit like a “new disease”, it remains the same virus: SARS-CoV-2.

What will happen?

The mother of a family that I am is very happy that the children are returning to school, but the news commentator has several questions. You too, I’m sure. Is it me or it smells a bit of the coming what can?

If the air is safe, prove it and we won’t talk about it again. Also, what are the scientific arguments behind this new measure which advocates a 5-day isolation period? What about vaccination in primary schools? Only 1-2% of children received a second dose. When will the rapid tests for secondary school be expected? The list of questions could go on for a long time.

I would like to believe that the children are less sick and that Omicron’s symptoms are “less”, but school is still a pot of germs. But hey, that’s okay! We will open the larger windows.

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