School of Coronel Cornejo needs votes to win the contest “Fruit your school”

Tropical, a fruit wholesale company organized the contest “Fruit your school”, nationwide that seeks to promote healthy eating in educational establishments of initial, primary and secondary level. The School N ° 4,826 Villa Sagrada, wichí community, of Coronel Cornejo is the unique from Salta who decided to participate and you need to get as many votes as possible to get the award, which will be announced on October 22.

The only condition era send a video of the boys preparing a recipe with lots of fruit. They did it hand in hand with the teacher Viviana Alejandra Palomo. The 3rd graders The protagonists are Guadalupe Pérez, Joel Landriel, Inés Días Lucio, Violeta Díaz, Valeria Candalicio, Emiliana Días Lucio, Belén Díaz, Agostina Jaime.

The team decided to work with fruits in a practical and simple way. “In the video we can show that en the manual we can not only eat a single fruit or in fruit salad with juice”, They counted.

And they continued “we can also consume different servings of fruits at the same time, which in turn is very beneficial due to the contribution of nutrients and vitamins that each fruit has. In this case we have various menus as the video shows, fruits on the brochet, mini apple cakes with banana and dulce de leche. Twe also add them chocolate for the serotonin that give happiness ”.

Being a Wichí community, consume native fruits daily such as pink and yellow grapefruit, Creole lemon, blackberry, custard apple, guava, avocado, papaya, pomegranate among others, etc. “But due to the season of the year they are not in the area. It is of the utmost importance for children to consume these fruits with the others. We hope you like the video and get to know us”They added.

The awards for whoever is the winner are one year of free fruit for the whole school, school supply kits, tablets for the 3 winning teams of each level, a display refrigerator, overalls for the teachers and board games adapted to each level of participation.

In addition, if the pandemic allows it, the winning teams will travel to Buenos Aires for the great awards. If not, it will be done through a virtual act and the trip will not take place.

For vote go to school in Salta

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