Schmidt: "A situation that I cannot manage on the side"

After Carsten Schmidt left as CEO at Hertha BSC, he made it clear at the specially arranged press conference that there was no alternative for his step.

Stop at Hertha after ten months: Carsten Schmidt.

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After only ten months, Carsten Schmidt is past as Chairman of the Management Board of Hertha BSC. The 58-year-old resigns from his office, which he started on December 1, 2020, with immediate effect. “Indissoluble private reasons due to illness in my immediate family environment”, as it was said in an official announcement from Hertha on Tuesday, caused Schmidt to terminate his contract.

At a specially arranged press conference on Wednesday morning, the outgoing CEO made it clear once again that there was no alternative for his move. “It’s a situation that I can’t manage on the side,” said the former Germany boss of the pay TV broadcaster Sky, “I’m someone who goes 100 percent into things. And that’s not possible. Hertha BSC deserves a CEO who is 100 percent focused and focused and available. ” The fact that his time at the capital city club “ends as a result of such circumstances makes me very sad,” said Schmidt, who on the day after the announcement of his departure once again made it clear how much the job at Hertha had appealed to him.

“I don’t regret a day,” said Schmidt, “I wish that the investment and the club were successful in the future. I would have liked to have played my part. Now I have to do it from a distance, I will continue to feverish with the club just like I did from day one. It grabbed me and won’t let go of me. ”

A great team, all hard-working people who would have earned more than what we currently show in the table.

The outgoing CEO, who wanted to make Hertha more visible and international as a brand and increase revenue, expressly thanked his colleagues. “A great team, all hard-working people who would have earned more than what we currently show in the table”.

There, the Berliners are currently in 14th place and are clearly in a sporty position before the groundbreaking game on Saturday at Eintracht Frankfurt (3:30 p.m., LIVE! On kicker), as they have been in the past two years.

No pressure when looking for a successor

Club President Werner Gegenbauer did not want to comment specifically on Wednesday whether and when Schmidt’s position will be filled. Sports director Fredi Bobic and finance director Ingo Schiller will take over the duties of the departing CEO. Hertha does not want to be put under pressure in the search for a possible successor.

“There are clear ideas about what we will be missing and what we have to fill. But it is not the place for it now. We do not need any quick fixes,” said Gegenbauer. The 71-year-old sees the club well positioned for the future, and Schmidt also “has no worries that it will lead to a vacuum”.

Gegenbauer: “I am very sorry”

In the talks with Schmidt, Gegenbauer had previously tried to find a perspective for a possible further cooperation. “I very much regret that we can no longer work together and harvest everything that has been initiated,” said the club boss with a view to the “Goldelse” project, in which Hertha will receive better structures in several measures over the coming years target. For the implementation of the initiated projects, Gegenbauer continued, “everyone is there who are in leading positions”.

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