Scandal over Juan Manzur’s trip to the US on the official plane from Tucumán

A striking decision of the Chief of the Cabinet of the Nation, Juan Manzur, It generated repercussions at the national level, but especially in his native province.

It happens that the coordinating minister of Alberto Fernandez He left this morning from Jorge Newbery Airport, Buenos Aires, bound for New York, United States.

The controversy arose because the governor of Tucuman In use of a license, he did not board a scheduled flight, but rather one of the aircraft of the official fleet of that province, the LearJet 60, patent LV-CKA.

The plane of controversy.

Manzur faces his first trip abroad as Chief of Cabinet of the Nation, a position to which he arrived on September 20, after the hard defeat of the Front of All in the PASO and the tensions between the head of state and his vice president, Cristina Kirchner.

The Tucuman stressed that the official mission is “an indication of the President of the Nation.” “(I am) going to accompany the Minister of Economy (Martin Guzman), within the framework of a meeting that he will have on Friday with a series of businessmen and investors at a global level. We will bring the vision of National government“, had said Manzur before the trip.

The main objective will be to advance with the negotiations for the debt with the International Monetary Fund, through meetings with officials of the presidential administration of Joe Biden.


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