Scandal! Did Luciano Castro cheat on Sabrina Rojas with Flor Vigna?

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna together

“I’m going to question who started the relationship first, if Luciano Castro with Flor Vigna, already separated but sharing the same house with Sabrina Rojas, he waited and banked for her to meet Tucu López so that he bleaches first “, Bertero began by saying.

Surprised by the revelation, Rodrigo Lussich inquired in search of more certainties and Bertero lit the bomb: “They tell me that this relationship has been going on for a long time”.

Thus came the description of a more delicate situation, which includes Sabrina Rojas: “I say that once the marriage between Luciano and Sabrina was over but they shared the house because it took them a while for the boys, because it is difficult to separate, he was already getting to know Flor”.

Despite this bombing, none of those involved made statements about it and Flor Vigna even paralyzed social networks with a video that left her followers speechless and caused a cataract of reactions.

The dancer is more in love and passionate than ever and is not afraid to express her feelings for Luciano Castro. This time he even laughed at the comments about the passion in the brand new couple and uploaded an unusual tik-tok video.

In the recording she is seen crawling on the floor, with extremely tired body language and added a very descriptive text: “Flor Vigna after a Luciano Castro “.

vigna castro.jpg

What will Sabrina Rojas say?

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