Scaloni: "The team will not say"

And I add: “The feeling is that people feel identified with these players. That is the most important”.

Regarding tomorrow’s rival, Scaloni commented: “Peru plays ball well, it has footballers on the right foot. They have been working together for a long time, they have one half of the court with a very good footing. It is not a team that is used to backing down”.


In addition, he advanced the duel against Brazil, in November: “We will play in San Juan. We are going to play Indoors, we all like to do it. It is fair that the national team can play in other cities”.

It is very difficult to say that Messi has not surrendered in the National Team at some point. I think he is fine with the team, Do you feel comfortable with his teammates and that makes it even better. Without the team, his performance would not be so reflected, “he said.

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