Scaloni does not stop surprising people

We knew that the game was going to be very hard, very stuck, but later, when the team starts to play, it’s nice“, he claimed.

And precisely regarding the development of the game, he was very descriptive and self-critical of what happened.


“Before scoring the first goal (of Lionel Messi) we had a very clear chance for Giovani Lo Celso to score. But This group is very clear that you have to have patiencea, because you cannot be winning 2 to 0 at 10 minutes, “he said.

“That’s why I insist that even that goal from Messi it was a tremendous game, very difficult, since Uruguay complicated us with two goal plays from Luis Suárez “, he appreciated.


Then he said, precisely with regard to Lo Celso, that “unfortunately, for one thing or another he could never be fully with this selection.”

“Giovani has a pass, a goal, and today we made him play for 90 minutes, which he had not done for a long time,” the Argentine coach finally rescued.


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