Say Maria: "Winning the Copa América was the best thing that happened to me in my career"

The current player from Paris Saint Germaín (PSG) and teammate there and in the Argentine team of Lionel Messi, confessed today that the recent obtaining of the Copa América in Brazil 2021 “was the best” that happened to him in his football career, and that the goal for the 1-0 victory obtained at the Maracana stadium on July 10 “was the most important” of his sporting life.

“Winning the Copa América is the best thing that happened to me in my career and the goal against Brazil in the final was the most important of my life. 15 years ago, since I was 16, I have been walking around with the Argentine national teams, and what I expected live this moment “, Di María confided to the AFA channel.

“After so many years, the happiness of my family, of the entire team, of those of us who take to the field and the rest that surrounds us on a daily basis, is something beautiful, and all because of this beauty that is the Cup. America and that it will remain forever in Argentina, “he said.

The 33-year-old from Rosario, who also knew how to win the Champions League with great performances at Real Madrid, assured that after winning the Copa América, every time he hears the “Fideo, Fideo”, with which the Argentine public receives him in the matches of Playoffs, his heart “explodes.”

“Every time I hear the ‘Noodle, Noodle’, my heart explodes. What I’m going through is something unique. And I hope I can score another more important goal than that of the Copa América final in not too long,” he said. in reference to the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

“Here in the national team there is a spectacular atmosphere and that can be seen from the outside as well,” he later endorsed, during the interview carried out at the AFA premises, in Ezeiza, where the Argentine national team is concentrated waiting for tomorrow’s game against the Peru led by the Argentine coach, Ricardo Gareca.

And regarding that match, Di María warned that it will be “complicated because Peru needs the points. But we have to think only about our own and try to continue adding three points to reach the World Cup as soon as possible.”

“And in this regard, the support of the public will continue to help us. We had already lived his return a bit in Europe, but feeling it with the national team is different, different, more beautiful,” concluded a Di María who, after so many thorns, is enjoying the perfume of the recognition of his compatriots, as he always dreamed of.

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