"Saved by D10S": the story of the man who bought Diego Maradona’s chair and recovered from Covid

Juan Carlos Bruno, a staunch fan of “Lobo” He bought the chair that Diego Maradona used when he was technical director of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. Although they wanted to buy it from Qatar, the triumphant fan did not want to sell it. “I am incomparable”as he once said “Fluff”.

Despite the joy of having acquired this beautiful antique style white leather armchair, with the initials of Ten and the Gymnastics shield engraved in the back, Juan Carlos caught Covid-19 shortly after buying it and it almost passed “on the other hand”, according to the man. He also argued that he was saved “Thanks god”.

The chair that Diego Maradona used in Gimnasia de La Plata.

After his infection, Bruno was very serious, on the verge of death. “I was hospitalized for two months, I was close to going to the other side. First in Choele Choel, then in Viedma and finally in Cipolletti, where a doctor from Neuquén saved me. I was at risk of life, besides I suffered a thrombosis in the back knee. They were going to cut off my leg and God protected me … “, detailed the man who saved himself from death LM Neuquen.

While he was in the Sanatorium, Juan Carlos received the worst news. “The news almost killed me … I made you sick, you don’t expect that, I expected him to finish his career as a gymnastics coach, or to go to another club, but I would never think that he was going to die that way. It was. a very ugly feeling, a shame “, recalled Bruno regarding the moment of learning of the death of the greatest soccer idol of our country.

Meanwhile, Bruno stated, one year after Diego Maradona’s death, that his departure “It generates great anguish because it is a very great mischief that he is not and especially in the situation that he died, apparently not well cared for”. “One suffers, because he is such a beloved guy, an idol of world football”added.

He does not intend to sell the armchair, despite succulent offers from Qatar

The protagonist of this story had acquired Maradona’s chair for 300 thousand pesos at an auction. At home, Bruno treasures the armchair “covered by a glass dome, flawless”, although he accepts that a neighbor go to his house to see that precious relic and take pictures with it. “If I charge? No, everything is free, a friend brings me a bottle of delicious wine, but the idea is that everyone can know it selflessly “reflected the Rio Negro.

“I bought it because it was Maradona, but also because it was the gymnastics coach, my team”enthused Bruno, who admitted that he had received several offers for the chair, including one from Qatar.

“Surely it is worth much more than before, I have no idea. There was some contact through intermediaries with people from Qatar. But I did not buy it to sell it, it has to be something special, a fortune”he confessed. “Only then would I sit on Diego’s chair to think about it”he said, jokingly.

Finally, Juan Carlos said that every so often, when he has a meeting with friends, they take pictures of each other on that “throne.” “They are stupid … They have admiration for Diego. Anyone who wants to have a memory by taking a picture, the doors of the house are open”, he concluded.

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