Santiago Escobar and defeat of the U against Colo Colo: “It’s nice to know that we have great potential”

In what was the first Super classic of the year between Colo Colo Y la U, the blues coach, Santiago Escobar, confessed to having great expectations of the raw material of his squad, despite falling 2-1 against the whites. The DT of the laity referred to the youth, who played much of the second half.

after the engagement, Escobar He alluded to what the commitment process was like, pointing to the short amount of work time that the U has and the decision to change a large part of the team that started playing to make way for the quarry.

We had established several situations. We have been working with the team for almost 10 days, in a preseason that began on January 5, because medical evaluations were carried out on the 3rd and 4th. We are getting to know the group, there are experienced players and behind them are many youngsters from the academy. We knew pressing high today was not the plan“, he expressed.

Colo Colo stayed with the Supercl√°sico against U

Despite the defeat, Escobar alluded to the team’s raw material, where players like Jose Castro, Bastian Tapia, Cristobal and Dario Osorio -which converted the discount- left him feeling good at the end of the engagement.

It is pleasing to know that we have great potential, there is much to work on. When they dared, they showed that they could match a rival like Colo Colo, who has more time working and who comes together from last year. Players like Osorio, Castro and Tapia are going to give us what we want over time. When they dared they gave a little more, with more work time they will loosen up and we will show a team that will play as equals“, he sentenced.

After his fall to Colo Colo in the first match of the year, la U must wait until Wednesday, January 19 for his next commitment, which will be against Boca Juniors. This meeting is scheduled for 9:30 p.m. at the UNO Stadium in La Plata.

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