Santa Cruz: Alicia Kirchner asked her entire cabinet to resign after the defeat in the PASO

The governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner began a complete replacement of her cabinet, after the tough 12-point defeat suffered by the ruling party in the PASO on Sunday. This is the first institutional reaction that caused the bad numbers in the elections.

In the elections, the only official list obtained just over 40 thousand votes, against the almost 59 thousand that the six lists of the opposition Cambia Santa Cruz Front obtained.

The governor’s request for resignation includes all her ministers, secretaries and undersecretaries. According to local media, also those responsible for decentralized entities.

The list of candidates for national deputies of the Frente de Todos is headed by the mayor of Puerto Deseado, Gustavo “Kaky” González, who He admitted that a self-criticism has to be made after the result of the PASO and demanded greater commitment and support from provincial officials in the campaign.

Alicia Kirchner with “Kaky” González, mayor of Puerto Deseado.

“I think everyone is going to have to shoulder the campaign. Not only the candidates but also the officials of the provincial government, in order to come up with the proposed ideas and projects that we have for Santa Cruz, ”González said in statements to FM Dimension from the city of El Calafate.

And he went further: “The lukewarm have to stay on their side. In this it is white or it is black. You have to work, stand up to society. We thought we were going to have a better flow of votes but it is something that we can reverse. I’m almost certain”.

Alicia Kirchner’s cabinet is made up of the Chief of Staff Leonardo Darío Álvarez, the Minister of Government, Leandro Eduardo Zuliani, the Minister of Social Development Barbara Dolores Weinzettel, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Infrastructure, Ignacio Perincioli, and the Minister of Production, Commerce and Industry, Silvina Córdoba.

The head of the General Secretariat of the Interior, Claudia Alejandra Martínez, the Minister of Health and Environment, Claudio García, the Minister of Labor, Teodoro Segundo Camino, the Minister of Security, Lisandro De La Torre and the head of the Provincial Council of Education, María Cecilia Velázquez.

From the governorship they let it be known that the same president and sister-in-law of the vice president will be in charge of evaluating all resignations to define which ones she accepts.

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