Sant releases long-awaited debut album “Rap Dos Novos Bandidos” with LP Beatzz

Project has participations from Costa Gold, MC Cidinho, Dj Erik Skratch, SD9, VND and Thiago Mac

the carioca rapper Sant has just released his debut album, “Rap Dos Novos Bandidos”, with musical production by LP Beatzz. The album comes after a hiatus in Sant’s career, which was announced on April 1, 2019 through social networks, where the artist states that “it was a necessary time of seclusion, where I turned my attention to my area and family”.

During the hiatus, Sant launched some projects that were already ready and partnerships with friends from the neighborhood, but still no news about the next step in his career. On the 2nd anniversary of the break, Sant released, with Beatzz’s LP production, the single “Ensaio Sobre a Lucidez”, stirring up his fanbase in hopes of new releases. Citing “Rap Dos Novos Bandidos” already in the introduction, the artist gave indications, albeit indirectly, of what he planned to follow.

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On September 30 of that year, Sant released the cover and month of the release of “Rap Dos Novos Bandidos”, his debut album, moving the national rap community present on the Internet. The disc, which will be released this Thursday, the 14th, contains 15 tracks and guest appearances by Costa Gold, MC Cidinho, Dj Erik Skratch, SD9, VND and Tiago Mac.

“Rap Dos Novos Bandidos” seeks to explore the identity and representativeness of Sant & LP Beatzz, presenting in the verses the daily experience in a peripheral neighborhood of a big city, recounting the anguish of community residents and seeking to reinforce the extensive and rich culture within the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, with the look of the entire record photographed and filmed in the Rio suburbs, in Morro do Urubu and on the streets of Marechal Hermes.

“It’s my return, personal and professional. A record of one of our lifestyles and a little bit of each resident, rush, bum and dreamer. So that we can see ourselves in ourselves”, says Sant.

The album brings innovation in the artist’s sound, featuring an aesthetic influenced by the forbidden funk carioca of the 90s and 2000s, exploring genres such as drill, grime and trap, which gained strength with a new generation of national hip hop, living up to the concept ” Rap Of The New Bandits”.

Check out the album below:

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