Sandhausen presents FIFA team: two will stay, two will be added

The eSports department of SV Sandhausen is gearing up for the coming season in the Virtual Bundesliga. While two players from the previous season extended their contracts, two new players were added: Francesco ‘Bajazzo_7’ Mazzei and David ‘Dave’ Queck.

The SVS is heading into the new season of the Virtual Bundesliga with two new and two old players.

SV Sandhausen

As part of an open day, the eSport department of SV Sandhausen presented its eSport team for the coming season. In addition to two newcomers, there are also two familiar faces: Dennis ‘zDennis95’ Ferreira da Fonseca and Luca ‘Skandalesi111’ Alesi. Both celebrated their debut last season and established themselves as regular players for the second half of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL).

It was not praiseworthy, Sandhausen graduated from the penultimate. After all, the Nord-Baden team achieved some respectable successes in the second half of the season in cooperation with coach Covin ‘Deter’ Deterding, including a 7-1 win against eventual German champions Heidenheim. On the last day of the match, the sand houses gave up the red lantern that they had been carrying with them since the third day of play.

The team is completed by Francesco ‘Bajazzo_7’ Mazzei and David ‘Dave’ Queck. The latter comes from the Würzburger Kickers, who are not allowed to take part in the VBL this year. The reason for this is the relegation of the professional team to the third division.

The most prominent newcomer at Sandhausen is likely to be Mazzei. Since 2018 – the entry year – he has helped shape the eSport department of 1. FSV Mainz 05. There they separated in the summer.

The goal should be the playoffs

Accordingly, SV Sandhausen is gaining both talent and experience. However, the demands are high. After only 19 points from the preliminary round, the team turned up in the second half and scored 52 points. From this momentum, the playoffs should therefore be the goal with the commitments.

Only ‘Bajazzo’ was able to play its way into midfield with 13 wins. It is therefore unclear whether it will be enough for this supposed goal, especially since coach ‘Deter’ is missing an important pillar of the successful second half of the season.

Jan-Niklas ‘BomberJNF’ Flöck, Nicholas ‘Fetze’ Jöst and coach ‘Deter’ have left the club. While the future of the first two is still uncertain, ‘Deter’ found a new sporting challenge with the former team of ‘Bajazzo’ and SP9 Esport.

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