Sancti Spíritus goes from 17 daily deaths to more than 40 in September

The province of Holy Spirit It went from 17 daily deaths in August of this year to more than 40 per day in the first seven days of the current month of September, according to the Provincial Directorate of Communal Services of that territory in the center of Cuba.

“In the first seven days of September alone, 288 people died in the territory, with a daily average of over 41 deaths due to the Covid-19 and the diseases associated with it, ”he reported to the official newspaper Escambray Raúl Navarro Morales, director of the aforementioned administrative entity of that province.

He also added that at the end of August 2020 the deaths registered in the province were 3,202 (8.7 daily), and in the same period of this year they amounted to 4,199 (17 on each day, on average); almost half corresponded to the provincial capital.

Likewise, he assured that in the territory there are no mass graves or alternative cemeteries, although Nilo Reyes Moya, his counterpart in the Sancti Spíritus municipality, the provincial capital, admitted to the aforementioned local media that yes “there has been a bad management of the land and the possibilities ”Of the main cemetery of that city, with almost 110 thousand inhabitants and one of the localities of the country with a serious epidemiological deterioration.

Reyes Moya also insisted that the main cemetery of the provincial capital “has not collapsed”, but with the escalation of daily deaths from July to date they have had to modify their routines and there have been nights of burying six bodies.

He also explained that in the municipality there are five other cemeteries with a useful life, located in the popular councils of Banao, Pojabo, Paredes, Guasimal and Tunas de Zaza.

He also added that in the cemetery of Kilo 12, as the cemetery of the city of Espirituana is known in July 2019, 107 burials were made; while in the same month of this year 226 graves have been made.

Also Jaime Cabrera, director of the Municipal Company of Various Productions in Sancti Spíritus, declared that they have had a high increase in sarcophagus productions due to the high number of deaths that take place in these months.

“Production has almost tripled, which is why we have resorted to variants and opened a casket manufacturing line in the Gilberto Zequeira carpentry, on Garaita street,” he explained to the local newspaper.

“Before, the average per day was between 13 and 15 coffins, at the moment they are exceeding 40 and we aspire to manufacture more, due to the need. We have been tight, but it has been resolved by working late, we always try to guarantee a guaranteed night and there are days when none of them dawns; they are for all municipalities, ”Cabrera also stated.

Although the data offered by the managers interviewed refer to those who died from Covid-19 and deaths from diseases associated with it, according to the local newspaper, the statistics of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP), from September 1 to 13 in that province, are worryingly different from those contributed by them to the aforementioned official media.

CiberCuba undertook the task of reviewing each daily part from September 1 to date. In that period, according to the MINSAP, almost 10,000 new cases of coronavirus infections and 40 people died from Covid-19 have been detected in Sancti Spíritus.

This last figure represents an average of three deaths per day, much lower than the more than 41 that have been registered by the government obituaries in that central territory of the country, and although the local press and the managers interviewed reiterate that “there are no mass graves , or alternative cemeteries ”and that there are also coffins, the statistics of the aforementioned government entities do not add up in any way.

At the territorial level, more than 40 deaths are reported daily, and at the national level only three. Now the question is: where are the dead that MINSAP does not report?

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