San Luis Potosí Prosecutor reports the release of 22 foreigners deprived of liberty in Matehuala

On Tuesday night, the Attorney General of the State of San Luis Potosí confirmed that the 22 foreigners who were kidnapped this morning were found safe and sound in a depopulated area between the limits of San Luis Potosí and Nuevo León.

As reported, people of Cuban, Haitian and Venezuelan origin were abducted from the Hotel “Sol y Luna” in the municipality of Matehuala. A command entered the establishment, took the reception log and forced this group of people to get into several vehicles.

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The location of the foreigners was achieved thanks to an anonymous call to the 911 Emergency System, this said that a group of 16 Mexicans were outside a store, asking for help, saying that they had been kidnapped from a motel along with other foreigners.

Investigative Police agents, commissioned to Matehuala, in coordination with the elements commissioned by the prosecutor Federico Garza Herrera, mobilized to the site, where the freed Mexicans led them to the place where the foreigners had been abandoned.

Among the 22 people there are three minors and a pregnant woman, the rest are adults. Both migrants and Mexican citizens have been transferred to the capital of Potosí to receive psychological, medical and food care.

The authorities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are contacting the families of these 38 people who were released, to avoid the crime of extortion. Investigative Police officers, members of the National Guard and Municipal Police of Matehuala participated in the operation.

The immigration status of the 22 foreigners is unknown and will be reviewed in coordination with the National Migration Institute. The investigations will continue until the responsibility of the people who committed this illegal deprivation of liberty is established.

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