Samuel Albrecht and Gabriela Nicolino prepare for a new Olympic cycle

Beto Noval/Disclosure

The holding of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 shortened the preparation time for the new Olympic cycle, and Brazilian Olympic athletes are already running with the elaboration of the campaign for Paris-2024. This is the case of the sailing duo Samuel Albrecht and Gabriela Nicolino.

The team, which reached the finals of the Nacra 17 class, taking tenth place, follows the partnership that began in 2018, firm in the purpose of winning together a medal in the waters of Marseille. Thus, for Samuel Albrecht and Gabriela Nicolino, the work involves evaluating what was done in the previous campaign and planning the calendar for the next campaign, which includes the Pan American Games in Chile, in 2023, and other competitions on the sailing circuit worldwide.

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In addition, new partnerships with sponsors are also expected. That’s because the team had another project approved by the Federal Sports Incentive Law for the acquisition of a new boat. “A new boat is extremely important for our performance. Firstly because of the rigidity that it gives us, and that in high-performance boats means speed. Later, it opens up the possibility of bringing foreign teams to sail with us in Brazil and having better quality training here, not being dependent on travel, which also brings a lot of cost to the project”, pointed out Samuca.


Samuel Albrecht and Gabriela Nicolino, who won the fourth Brazilian championship in October, are the current South American champions of the class. In addition, the pair won bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Lima-2019 and runner-up at the Sailing World Cup in the Miami stage in 2019.

Sailing in Paris-2024

Finally, it is worth remembering that for the Nacra 17 class, which will be in the Olympic program for the third time in Paris-2024, there will be nothing new. But Olympic sailing will have changes with the departure of Finn, the entry of Kitesurf and IQFoil, as well as the 470, which will become mixed. This will consolidate Nacra’s experience, the first to put men and women sailing side by side, promoting gender equity in the sport.

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