Samadhi Zendejas joins this trend of influencers

Has so only 26 years and she is already one of the most talented Mexican actresses. Samadhi Zendejas She is at an age where prejudices are put aside or at least that is how she shows it. The same thing happens with his sister Dassana.

From time to time, through his posts on social media, he likes to send out revealing messages to his followers. Proud of her body and who she is, this time Samadhi Zendejas caught a fashion which became massive between influencers, sending all his followers a lesson in pride and self-love.

So he had no problems and was shown in a beautiful photograph, but showing stretch marks that escape from his body. For the young actress, the secret is knowing how to accept each other as each one is.

Samadhi Zendejas and his message: Loving yourself as you are, a fashion of influencers

It all started during one of those sessions – with questions and answers – that currently famous people are used to doing through their stories of Instagram. It was precisely a follower who asked the actress how she did to hide stretch marks and those annoying lines on her skin.

It should be noted that this type of interaction is used by most celebrities lately to be closer to their fans and in the case of Zendejas, they do it very often. This time, faced with this question, she answered without any problem that she does not cover them. In fact, he assured that he has them in the gluteal area and also in the breasts.

As if that were not enough, he clarified that although in some photos they cannot be perceived well, they are still there. In this way, she shared more photos of herself in a bathing suit and there it is confirmed that, like any other woman, she does not escape the luck of not having stretch marks on her body.

However, it is worth clarifying that the young actress She takes into account the care of her body, but rarely does she share her beauty routines with followers. Beyond that this time, Samadhi Zendejas He showed that he has nothing to hide and that is why he joined the trend among influencers to open up to his followers with questions.

In fact, it is worth remembering that last year it was recognized by LatinPlug -the platform of all those Latino professionals- as “Hispanic pride” in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

And you, would you dare to show your stretch marks like this Samadhi Zendejas? Look at her how she lets go. Bravo!

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